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Sep 20, 2021

Simon and Sally recently sailed from Greenland to Labrador to Newfoundland to Nova Scotia. We talk about high-latitude sailing, staying warm, anchoring, radar, icebergs, bugs, clearing customs, Vikings, polar bears, williwas, hiking, favorite places in Newfoindland, Bras d'Or Lake, and much more.

Sep 16, 2021

I spoke with Peter as he was anchored in Portugal fixing a steering breakdown. He is on his way around the world in a solo, nonstop, unassisted circumnavigation via the five capes in his Rival 41, Waxwing.

Sep 11, 2021

Brian Russell and his wife Helen, who you might remember from season 2, recently sailed Helacious, the boat the Brian built, from the USVI to the Azores and then to Ireland and Scotland. We talk about sailing from the USVI to the Azores, swimming in the open ocean, downwind sailing, arriving in the Azores, the...