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Jan 22, 2024

Webb Chiles is a solo sailor and author. He has circumnavigated six times, was the first American to sail solo around Cape Horn during which he broke Chichester's record, nearly circumnavigated in an open boat - an 18' Drascombe Lugger, and most recently circumnavigated on a Moore 24. His mission in life has been, as he says, "to go beyond the limits of human experience and sends back reports." He is the author of "Storm Passage," "Open Boat Across the Pacific," "The Ocean Waits," "A Single Wave," "The Fifth Circle," "Shadows," as well as many articles and poems. We talk about his sailing adventures and phiosophies, and discuss passages I highlighted in his book "Storm Passage," which I read (for the second time) before the interview. Webb is truly a legend among sailors, as well as a fascinating character and a great speaker.